Disinfestation and rodents pest control

Our company - RAT - was founded in 1995. Our business activity is mainly focused on Warsaw and its suburbs like Pruszków, Piaseczno or Marki. We address out offer both to individual clients and to companies.

We offer pest control services against various insects like oriental cockroaches, german cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and many other. Additionaly we can deal with different rodents like rats and mice. If you don't know what kind of insect you're dealing with please refer to our encyklopedia where you can find detailed informacion about bugs disinfestation and rodents pest control

We are doing our best to fit You needs. That's why we

  • offer competitive prices,
  • guarantee highest quality of professional insecticides and rodenticides that we use (approved for use in EU in public utilities, restaurants, hospitals),
  • offer 3 month of warranty,

Through all these years we successfully provided our service to multiple private clients, companies and organisations. Some of them are:

  • Hospital in Sochaczew,
  • Police training center in Legionowo,
  • Police dogs training center in Sułkowice,
  • ZNP resort in Jachranka,
  • WSM - Administracja Osiedla "Bielany" w Warszawie,
  • WSM - Administracja Osiedla "Żoliborz III" w Warszawie,
  • many restaurants and groceries in Warsaw and it's suburbs,
  • multiple buildings, companies and institutions..

Company details:
Owner: Wojciech Kędzior
Company address: Włościańska 18/52, 01-710 Warszawa
Activity area: Warszawa i okolice
NIP: 1130125433
REGON: 010859950